Customers from Zambia that are happy with JeksCars

Date: January 2013

From Kennedy Shepande in Lusaka, Zambia

Thanks Mr Hanna the Toyota Dyna arrived safely and intact.Best wishes.Peter Kinabo was very useful. Kennedy, Lusaka, Zambia

Date: December 2012

From Samson Chansa in Chingola, Zambia

Dear Hidemi, Thanks for supplying me with a good car. I collected the car on the 30th of November and is in very good condition. Please up with the same spirit. Regards, Samson, Chingola, Zambia

Date: November 2012

From Clement Banda in Lusaka, Zambia

Hello James, Nice to hear from you. I travelled well and everything was great including the studies, my stay in Tokyo and the graduation. The car was delivered in very good condition and it has made my movements easier and enjoyable. I should say it was a good deal and thanks for your understanding and expert services. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Best regards, Clement, Lusaka, Zambia

Date: June 2012

From Katebe Matimba in Ndola, Zambia

hi james, i finally received the vehicles they are in perfect condition. thank you for your assistance and looking forward to doing business with you once more because you are one of the best. regards to all staff. katebe

Date: June 2012

From Mwiche Kaoma in Mansa, Zambia

Thanks a lot that the vehicle i bought from you its still in perfect condition.Is it overdrive on or off when driving a long distance? Regards, Mwiche, Mansa, Zambia (REPLY): Thanks for the e-mail and the kind words Mwiche, it is best to leave the overdrive on all the time, not just for long drives. There is usually a button for the overdrive near the gear stick. You can turn it off and on when you like, however, it is recommended that you leave the overdrive on all the time these days. This helps to save fuel. Trust this information suffices for now. Contact us should you have any further queries. Regards, James Hanna

Date: March 2012

From Jenipher Nyendwa in Lusaka, Zambia

Hallo James, I just wanted to let you know that I received the vehicle today. It is in good order thank you very much. We may be purchasing a 2-3 tonne truck at the end of the year. thanks Jenipher N Nyendwa

Date: March 2012

From Sylvester Kalimumkwa in Mufulira, Zambia

Thank you so much for your quick action and saving my money from these day light robbers. Your organisation is my priority when it comes to purchasing vehicles.Once more thank you looking forward to receive them. Best Regards Sylvester

Date: April 2011

From Young in Choma, Zambia

I want to express my heartfelt happiness and joy on the quality of the vehicle I bought from your company. Please keep it up and friends will be online in search of their type. Indeed its zero regret. My family and I are enjoying the rids. Rgds Young.

Date: October 2011

From Phield in Kabwe, Zambia

Hi James, First let me take this opportunity to thank you and through you Nichibocar Ltd for the wonderful and well presented seminal you conducted here in Zambia at Chrismar Hotel.The Topics were nicely covered and they have now opened my eyes.I can now easily identify a fraud on the Inter Net thereby saving my hard earned money.The question and Answer session was also nicely done. Continue with this good work.I remained after the presentation asking about the Toyota Corsa Manual have you found any.Can you send me the Proforms for the following vehicles don't forget the Discount Nissan March stock no 234549 and Nissan Primera TM-S SELECTION stock no 232627. Please reserve this two vehicles for me .Payments will be done on monday since our Banks don't open. Have a good day bye for now.

Date: June 2011

From Exhilda in Chingola, Zambia

Hi James, I just want to say thankyou for the way you conducted business with me.I received my vehicle it is in a very good condition.Thank you very much James.God bless you. Regards!

Date: May 2011

From Mercy in Mansa, Zambia

Hi James Hanna, I finally received my Ipsum. It is a beautiful car and in perfect condition. I salute you and the entire team. Keep on keeping on with your reliability. I have no regrets. Regards to you

Date: April 2011

From Arnold in Kasama, Zambia

Hi James Thank you very much , l have received the car its good as you promised, Regards

Date: April 2011

From Samson in Chingola, Zambia

Hi James, Let me thank you and your team for the job well done. Right now am driving this corolla in the streets of Chingola. Regards,

Date: April 2011

From Akalana in Livingstone, Zambia

James Hanna and the Team, Thanks James and your team I am now a proud owner of 1999 Nissan Laurel from your company , driving it in the streets of Livingstone, Zambia. Many inquires over the same are coming to me, and shortly my will want order a similar car. Thanks and Regards,

Date: March 2011

From Jocelyn in Lusaka, Zambia


Date: March 2011

From BWALYA in Kasama, Zambia

Halo James Hanna, I am BWALYA the one who bought a Toyota Dyna truck from your company. We had a minor problem concerning typing error where they wrote a wrong mileage on the invoice. I complained and you had to call me to explain that it was just an error.To cut the long story short the mileage was 65,700km as you told me. I am so happy and greatful for your faithfulness,indeed you are a good and honest company. Coming to my truck, it is very good. From the port of DARESALAM to my home town in Zambia its above 2000km.We drove this distance without any problem,this vehicle indeed the engine is almost new just like the way you told me on the phone. I would like to thank you and your entire staff for your good workmanship. I will keep on encouraging many Zambians to buy vehicles from you. I am so greatfull.

Date: March 2011

From Jocelyn in Lusaka, Zambia

thank you for the info in the your newsletter about who to trust when buying japanese vehicles, how to idenify genuine japanese vehicles and most interesting your visit to Zambia during the 2009 trade show. So educative, I have heard of people who have transfered monies to some firms abroad and have not received their cars . thanks again for the info. My regards

Date: February 2011

From Chris in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear Team, Thanks ladies and gentlemen for your truthfulness in terms of trading. Iam glad to tell you that i have received the actual vehicle i traded for. You are such a wonderful and genuine team that really aims at full customer satisfaction. Best regards.

Date: January 2011

From Isaac in Lusaka, Zambia

With so much happiness, I wish to inform you that I have received the vehicle. Words are not enough to express my joy when I set my eyes on the car. Truly, this is my New Year Present all because of the team. Please continue offering the best service to us. Once more, thank you very much. Warm Regards, Isaac

Date: December 2010

From Christopher in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that my vehicle has finally arrived.its in my garage at home. Thank you so much for all the effort you made towards the delivery of this powerful emerculate MK11 GRANDE,may your busines prosper. bye

Date: January 2011

From Arthur in Ndola, Zambia

Thanx team, I recieved my vehicle and its in great shape.thanx once more and a happy* new year.*

Date: January 2011

From Sylvester in Kitwe, Zambia

Hi James compliment of the season,i wish to advise that i received the above mentioned vehicle intact.And i wish to thank you and indeed the company as a all for doing business with me and the future to come. Regards Sylvester

Date: November 2010

From Samalama in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear James, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that the car -Toyota Chaser Avanti (Stock 232624) was delivered to me in a good condition. It was worth the wait. Thank you and your team for the job well done! It was a pleasure doing business with you. Once more... thank you so much. Best Regards,

Date: October 2010

From Bube in Mpika, Zambia

Dear James, I write to imform you that i recieved the vehicle (Toyota Corrola). Iam happy that the Vehicle was deliverd in good condition. All the best.

Date: July 2010

From Robert in Zambika, Zambia

Hi Hanna James With pleasure i wish to notify you that I safely received the vehicle I bought from the team. Thanks alot for your honesty and comitment. In a near future I hope I will buy again from your company. I also told a certain Kenyan lady to buy from you hopefully she has done so. Regards

Date: July 2010

From Gilbert in Zambika, Zambia

Hi james. Just wanted to thank you so much for the help you rendered to me when I was getting my car. I and my family are greatiful to you.

Date: May 2010

From Grace in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear James, How have been? I just wanted to inform you that the refrigeration truck has arrived. It's a good piece Rgds.

Date: April 2010

From Mischeck in Livingstone, Zambia

Hi James, Our Maiden MarkII finally reached home mid last month and since then its been an extremly exciting experience for the family! Actually you sent us quality beyond our dreams! you are a true business partner. our car is a marvel to watch in the tourist capital, we are very proud to have dealt with you and will surely advertise to friends and everyone. Thank you so much for your truthfulness and quality of service. My best regards

Date: March 2010

From MUSUKWA in Lusaka, Zambia

Hi James, I just wanted to let you know that I collected my vehicle last Thursday. It’s in great condition, and everybody tells me it’s a very nice car. I’m loving it! Thank you so very much! Thanks,

Date: January 2010

From MUSUKWA in Lusaka, Zambia

I would like to acknowledge that the above vehicle was received in good order. One thing I never forget in my life time is professionalism and high standards honesty you displayed through out the process. I always appreciate your excellent services and will not relent in recommending you to my friends and family. already I recommended Bright Habeenzu to you and am sure by now the process is on going. Thats not the last you heard from me as I will very soon buy 1 vehicle from you. continue working professionally and HAPPY 2010. YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST. Regards,

Date: June 2009

From Maureen in Lusaka, Zambia

Hello I have received the vehicle in very good condition. I wish to thank the team for their efficiency and care. I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Regards!

Date: June 2009

From Bettie in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear James I am pleased to report that I have since collected my vehicle from Malawi Cargo Centre Dar-es-salaam yesterday. It is a great car and is in good order. I have arrived in Malawi safely. Thank you and the entire team for your wonderful customer service! Once agian thank you!

Date: January 2009

From Francis in Mansa, Zambia

Dear Mr.James, I hope you are fine there.I would like to thank you all at NICHIBO COMPANY for all the efforts in facilitating the purchase and delivery of my vehicle Mitsubishi Pajero.The vehicle was received in Mombasa safely and driven to the border at Holili by my agent where it was cleared after two weeks.The only problem was that one battery was out of order which forced me to purchase another one. That's all for today. Thanks for all at Nichibo Cars. Regards,

Date: May 2009

From Cosmas in Mansa, Zambia

Hai James, I want to inform you that my car has finally arrived in Mansa(Zambia) after covering a distance of 1,845 Kilometres. I must confirm that everything about this car is good, the engine, tyres and the interior. To all the team staff, i say thank you so much as i look forward to having another business with you in future. Lastly, i have seen your adverts running in our local papers which is good BUT I must inform you that not so many people have access to the local papers particularly in my area so i was suggesting that if you can print some brochures with pictures and prices for the vehicles you have in stock, then i can assist you distribute them. Thank You!

Date: April 2009

From Ali in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear james, thanks very much i got my car, it was a good buy iam looking forward to buy the next car from your company

Date: September 2009

From Jeremiah in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear James, i would like to confirm that the vehicle arrived in the country and in Lusaka. THANK YOU very much and looking forward to doing business with you in future.

Date: March 2009

From Cellina in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear James, This is to comfirm having received the above mentioned car with many thanks. The car arrived in Zambia in good condition. I wish you were here to see the tears of joy when I first saw it. My family really appreciate what you have done for us. Its ok and many people have admired it and are busy searching on your website trying to get what they can afford. I can only say thank you and may God bless you so that you prosper in your business. Hoping to do business with you very soon. AVECS nearly left the vehicle at Chirundu border post when I paid them upto Lusaka just because I was the only who had cleared with Customs within their stipulated time frame and we had to differ but at last they realised our concern and finally offload in Lusaka. Once again my family and I say thanks and wishing you all the best. Kindly inform all those who had put in their efforts to have this vechiles shipped to me that I am sending my sincere thanks to them all. Best regards,

Date: October 2009

From Deviness in Kasama, Zambia

Greetings all Great Team. I salute you all you wonderful Team for your excellent working spirit, professionalism and excellent information provision. I have successfully received my vehicle in Zambia finally and am in the process of having it registered. My family and I have loved the vehicle very much and everyone is proud to own it. My friends have also admire it. May I therefore thank you very much for being a very good company that is true to its word. I voluntarily recommend that who ever should need a good vehicle and fast, then the team is the answer. Please keep up the excellent work that you are doing for all of us the world over. You deserve a pat on the back. Congratulations and Thank you for My car. God Bless your company and all the employees who work tirelessly and very Hard.

Date: October 2008

From Dennis in Chipata, Zambia

I just want to let you know that I collected the car and all is in good condition. I shall always contact you whenever I need your assistance. By the way, would you organise for me another one, same or similar to the one I have? I shall always appreciate your services Regards

Date: December 2008

From Vitalis in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear Guys at Nichibocars, Thank you very much for a great car. I took reciept of the car yesterday and it had enough fuel for me to test the car and drive to the office this morning. Thank you very much for this christmas gift. Best regards

Date: October 2008

From NAVYSON in Petauke, Zambia


Date: December 2008

From Kali in Lusaka, Zambia

Dear James, My vehicle (Nissan cube) arrived in my posession. I would like to thank you most sincerely for your support, help, and great commitment during our transactions. May God richly bless you and your company and keep on doing the good work. You are wonderful Regards and Best wishes

Date: January 2009

From Phillip in Kabwe, Zambia

It was a great experience buying from Nichibo Japan. The transaction was professional and the car was exactly as advertised - perfect!

Date: January 2009

From Adam in Chipata, Zambia

Just to let you know that six months after getting my car from Nichibo, I'm happier than ever with the quality of the car and service you provided. It was a great experience all around, and I'll return in the future to purchase another vehicle.

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